Strongbridge International, LLC established in 2006, markets globally competitive and technologically advanced HDPE pipe, valves, fittings and accessories to the Industrial, Natural Gas, Mining, Municipal Forced Sewer/Water/Wastewater, Offshore Marine, Overland & SubSea Pipeline, Petroleum, Utility and Specialty Distribution market segments.

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Electrofusion Facts
Plain pipes are jointed by means of electrofusion (EF) fitting incorporating an electrical heating coil which when electrically activated for the appropriate time by electrofusion welding machine, melts the surface of the pipe & fitting together resulting in complete fusion of the pipe and electrofusion fitting. There is a barcode label on each of the EFfittings. This label includes fusion parameters (such as welding voltage and duration). Fusion parameters are transferred to the machine from this label either manually or by using the barcode reader.

Advantages of EF Jointing Technic
  • there is no decrease in inner diameter of the pipe
  • low weight, low cost and flexibility of the equipment
  • high operation rates
  • fully automated operation, so need for skilled operator is at minimum level
  • no reduction in strength of material at jointed parts
PE Material
The material used in TEGA products is polyethylene (PE) which is black and stabilized against the effect of UV radiation by addition of carbon black. It is also compatible with food-stuffs and physiologically and toxicologically safe. PE materials are classified according to their strengths as PE63, PE80 and PE100. TEGA uses PE 100 raw material in its productions.
Advantages of PE Material
PE is the most widely used in pipeline systems for assembly of buried gas and water piping. This material also offers many advantages in domestic installations and industrial piping systems. Some of these are: low weight, excellent flexibility and high stability against strokes, non-corrosive, low pipe friction losses, good chemical resistance, low maintenance and repair costs, possibility to take service lines from a live main.

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