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Dizayn Group is our newest supplier for PE Pipes. Below is Dizayn Group statment.

Dizayn Group has considered as a core value to continue its activities on the basis of the human benefits and determined its core purposes in this direction since its establishment. It achieved to improve its quality by developing its production, which has started without obtaining a license, in the context of continuous improvement philosophy.

By the determines vision, Dizayn Group provided its existence in both national and international arenas with the support of its employees and the team spirit created by them. This success has firstly proven by acquiring Turkey Young Business Achiever Award and secondly by gaining the 8th " World Young Business Achiever Award" in Philippines. After this accomplishments, Dizayn Group was deem worthy " Water and Water Management Award" by UNESCO in Water Symposium held in France, as the first private sector company in the world.

The current goal of Dizayn Group is to reverse the brain direction. In the result of the campaign which was started for this reason, various projects, inventions and ideas were getting from all over Turkey and brain drain, as one of the biggest problems of the new century, was tried to cease with the slogan "We Support Brain Power Against Brain Drain".

Dizayn Group will prepare more excellent future for the new generation and the world with self-sacrifice by enlarging its goals every passing day.

On this page you will find Dizayn Group entire catalog and referances.

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